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Monday, March 06, 2006

Much Rejoicing In The Village!

I got a call from New Zealand this evening where it is already tomorrow, which just blows my mind. I get time travel headaches easily. Can't watch The Terminator without taking prophylactic pain relievers. Anyway, Eli was calling to tell me that she and Frank are going to be here the 24th through the 31st! Whoo Hooo! It was going to be a surprise, and indeed, Patrick has known about it for a while because there was much sneakiness going on, but Eli and Patrick wisely decided to spill the beans early. Anyway, we are very excited, and Patrick is relieved that he doesn't have to keep a secret any more. I find it odd that the child who got on my nerves on a regular basis when she lived in Tempe has become very beloved and missed now that she lives in Middle Earth. She's been gone 15 months, and because she is a Rennie, we of course will spend their only weekend in the US at the Faire. Frank, bless him is a fan, so it won't take him long to adapt to faire mode. My daughter's fella fits right in with the family. Festival Festival Festival!!!


Blogger Nancy said...

Ask them to bring a dozen golden kiwi fruit. If they can get them past Agriculture in L.A. (not bloody likely).

5:20 PM  

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