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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Coming Soon: "T'Pol's Brain"

Star Trek: Enterprise has been renewed for another season. I was really looking forward to seeing them all die heroically (or at least look like they'd do so in some cliffhanger) at the end of the Xindi story-arc tomorrow night. That's okay news. I like Enterprise well enough when I get to see it.

The bad news - there's always bad news: They're moving it to Friday night. This is bad in a couple of ways. The most obvious is that Friday night is not a big TV-watching night. Less obvious unless you live here in the Endless Suburb is that the viewing schedule might be even more disrupted than it already has been. The local UPN station also carries the Phoenix Suns, who run around on basketball courts all over the NBA. In event of a scheduling conflict, this always pushes Enterprise to some obscure dungeon of a timeslot, accesible only to gnomes and video recorders.

I prefer making TV shows to watching them, and so seldom tape anything off the air. I don't have a TiVo, and I haven't built my own PVR yet. So I miss a lot, and next year, will miss even more. And yet: I won't miss that much. Yeah, it's Star Trek, but it's also just another show I see sometimes.


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