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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inaugural Protest

Somehow, I got on the Republican National Committee's mailing list.

As you can probably deduce from the countdown clock at the top of this weblog, I'm not a big Republican supporter. In fact, I support no political party. I register from time to time as a Democrat or Libertarian to support specific candidates in the primaries. Theoretically, I could register as a Republican to support a given candidate, but in metro Phoenix, this has never been necessary.

Anyway: I've been getting these nifty pictures of Mr Bush - nifty as in "of very good technical quality"; I don't need any more pictures, thank you - along with postage-paid envelopes, for about a year now. I usually return the photos along with as much of their membership forms as possible (I remove any part that can be used to identify me) in their pre-paid envelopes. If the RNC wants to waste money sending me things, I'll gladly help them to waste a little more. Then I gloat about it, sometimes online.

Yesterday's mail brought me - alas, no picture. Just a membership card. A membership card! And a postage-paid envelope. I get to have a little more fun, and now I can call myself a card-carrying non-Republican.

Well, actually, a non-card-carrying non-Republican; I have too many cards in my wallet already. (I stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket and my backaches went away. That's one fat wallet.) But you get the idea.


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