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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bloggers With Pitchforks

Today's tempest here in the teapot that is Blogistan:

Dave Winer, citing costs both in cash and health (stress, sanity), and forgetting to mention that he's not as wealthy as he used to be, suddenly pulled the plug on much of He owns it, he's one guy, he can't do customer service. It's confusing because some addresses - most notably Doc Searls - are still working.
I'm not posting any links; the situation is very dynamic right now so certain links will just break.

Disclaimer: I have a weblog on, but it's long since dormant, contains nothing of import, and I can't remember what it's called or how to access it. I was playing with the toy, is all. It will go away.

I think everybody is wrong to some degree:

Bloggers: this is a free service. Free services can go away. This weblog is on Blogger, which is part of Google, and it could go away. Pay services can go away. At the lowest level, it's just bits on a computer, and Stuff Happens. Keep good backups.

Dave: Would it have killed ya to give a weeks notice? Well, maybe. You are moving and don't need the extra stress of a major sysadmin headache just now. But surely there was a better way to handle this: Post a message at apologizing for the short notice, stating you need to pull the plug, emphazizing that there will be little to no tech support, and thanking the community for the interest over the years.

UserLand and Dave: When you split, very little was said about the status of Maybe nothing. It's cool that RSS is now under Creative Commons and you're gonna open-source Frontier (I think a Linux port of Frontier would be super-cool, but I digress (and no, I'm not in a positionto do such a port)). Are there any other interesting pitfalls out there?

Me: Surely I've over-simplified the technical problems.

Thanks, Dave, for Sorry it has to go away. If you have to drop the ping service too, I'll understand, but please transfer it.


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