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Monday, November 01, 2004

Generic Pre-Election Snark

  • I don't wanna hear anything else about the election. Everybody go and vote. Use a paper ballot if you have a choice. Do not let anybody tell you that you can't vote.
  • The person behind the Electoral Vote Predictor has come forward. It's Andrew Tannenbaum. For you non computer-geeks: I have respected him for years. You can trust him.
  • Tomorrow night, that is, Election Night, good friends and Chris and I will meet someplace, hopefully without a television set, to compare notes on our various Hawaii trips. Maybe we'll even decide to go together sometime. Rent a big condo and a couple of cars for a week or so. Mmmmm.
  • Haloween party was good, though smaller than last year. I was the burger chef, and am now completely hooked on outdoor grilling on a good gas grill. Now I want some recipes.
  • That is all till Wednesday. Tonight I will practice my ukulele. Aloha!
  • Frances: Where the hell is the Renaissance shirt you owe me? Thank you.


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