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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Water Is Fine (Just Don't Drink Any)

Phoenix has a bit of a water problem just now:
The 1.4 million residents of Phoenix were encouraged Tuesday to boil their tap water until at least noon Wednesday, and also to limit what water they do use.

City officials blamed a turbidity problem they discovered during testing Monday night: Muddy water due to recent storms was flowing into one of the city's two operating water treatment plants, reducing the output of that plant.

Two other water treatment plants are shut down due to routine maintenance, another is off line because of water damage, leaving only one of the city's five water treatment plants producing water at full capacity.
A water treatment plant is off-line due to water damage? Ummm...

Moving on:
Ken Kroski, a spokesman for the Phoenix Water Services Department, said turbidity has no health effects. However, it could interfere with water disinfection, provide a medium for bacterial growth, and indicate a presence of disease-causing organisms, he said.

City officials say that the water is not dangerous - and are merely recommending that it be boiled for precautionary reasons.

"Phoenix takes the safety of its residents as its utmost priority," Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said. "We are taking extra precautions because of all the sediments that came into the system because of the storm."

So far, tests have turned up no bacteria or microbes or anything else that could be considered dangerous to residents.

Nonetheless, officials say that residents should not use tap water to prepare foods, brush their teeth or in cold drinks. They are also asking that homeowners not water their lawns, do their laundry and limit their shower times.

City Manager Fairbanks asked that residents be patient, and not panic.

"The water department tests for 103 different items," Fairbanks said. "We have passed 102 of those tests. The one we failed was for particles."

"The water is not poisonous, and frankly, it's very unlikely that anyone would get sick," said Fairbanks, adding that he had had two big glasses of tap water this morning and was "not concerned for his health."

Nonetheless, city officials are asking that all schools turn off their water fountains, or post signs warning students not to drink from them.

Similar precautions were taken at Phoenix City Hall, where fountains were covered with tape and signs that said, "Do Not Use Tap Water. Do not Drink It or Use It for Coffee, Tea, etc."
Well, I'm confused.

I work in Phoenix, but I live in Glendale, which is on a different water supply.

And I tend to not drink unfiltered tap water anywhere in the Phoenix area, because it may be safe, but it tastes nasty.

I'll stick to drinking Guinness, and brushing my teeth with Budweiser.


Blogger Crime Dog said...

I came across the link to your blog on American Parrothead in Canada's. It's funny we hit on the same topic about the same time! I'm over in Gilbert, so no water problems here, but it wouldn't have mattered - I prefer beer anyway.

Come visit me some time. I took a swipe at Bush today myself, and I'm a Republican!

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