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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Match of the Day

In this corner, noted professor, theater critic and man about town: Rousin' Robert Pela!

In this corner, noted Renaissance comedy skeleton: Ded Bob!

Assignment for the day: Pela to interview Bob!
This is what it's come to: I have driven for nearly an hour in order to interview a big plastic skeleton. What's more, I'm doing it at a place I swore I'd never, ever visit: the Arizona Renaissance Festival
Let the witty bon mots begin!


Blogger Patrick Connors said...

I forgot to disclaim:

I was an actor at the Renaissance Festival for ten seasons. I don't rule out going back in the future.

I was in a play once that got a crummy review from Robert Pela. But then, so has every single actor in Phoenix.

Like thousands of other performers, I marvel that the second most popular act at the Festival is a puppet show that hasn't changed one word in at least twelve years.

2:11 PM  

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