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Friday, May 20, 2005

With improved Jedi action!

If there was half as much Jedi action in the last two Star Wars movies as there is in Sith, I would have had to buy my tickets a month in advance.

As it was, I got into a sold-out Cine Capri on no notice because there were cancellations. Alert readers will note that I bought tickets online last Friday. Well, alert readers are far more alert than Harkins' computer systems. I complained to the assistant manager, who sold me two tickets on the spot. Now I gotta check the transactions on the card to make sure I wasn't double-charged.
Just saying.

The movie was fine, a good roller-coaster ride with shiny objects in the background.
Go see. Again. Digital, unless Harkins owes me two more Cine Capri tickets.

UPDATE: Harkins never charged me. That's twice this has happened. The first time, I didn't get in to Fellowship of the Ring. I'll drop them a line, though hopefully they're already on the phone with their supplier.


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