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Monday, July 04, 2005

Bewitched! - the review

Nora Ephron is a goddess.

Anybody else in Hollywood, given the assignment to make '60s sitcom "Bewitched!" into a movie would have made the same dumb mistake that I would have: they would have made a movie about Samantha and Darrin; perhaps pulled it into present-day and added a subplot about modern Wicca.

Instead, Smantha and Darrin are the sub-plot.

Nicole Kidman has a great time playing Isabel Bigelow, a young witch who moves to Los Angeles because she wants to be a normal person. Michael Caine plays her father Nigel, who thinks she's crazy. Will Ferrell plays a Will Ferrell character: in this case, Jack Wyatt, descending film star, who's been cast as Darrin in a remake of the sitcom. Realizing Darrin is the ultimate second banana, he works to take over the show. He discovers Isabel, who very quickly catches on to his plot to take over the show. Then her little nose starts a-wiggling and the real fun begins.

A nice afternoon at the movies that doesn't try to be more than it is. Fans of the original "Bewiched" will also enjoy the movie.

I have to bail now, so you'll be spared my rant on the excesses of Will Ferrell.


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