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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Infernokrusher of the Worlds

First, the background:

Go read this. And this. And all of the comments of both. I shall wait.

Then I shall point out the following re: War of the Worlds:
  • Spielberg knows Infernokrusher.

  • Tom Cruise is still a complete asshat, and is thus perfect for his role in the first part of this movie.

  • I still have an unrequited crush (non-Inferno) on Miranda Otto, who is too good for Tom Cruise.

  • Dakota Fanning can scream!!!

  • From the trailers:
    • King Kong ought to rock.

    • It's about damn time Orlando Bloom gets the lead in a romantic comedy. Elizabethtown is on my will-see list.

That is all.


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