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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vinland Ho!

God, I love Fafblog!

I thought I was gettin on the inbound blue line this mornin but I musta got the schedule mixed up or the routes confused cause this looks less like your conventional subway car an more like a Viking longship carryin a crew of eighty heavily-armed Norsemen. "Excuse me do you know the way to Downtown Crossing," says me. The Vikings don't answer, they're too busy sackin the coast a France. I don't wanna seem like a freeloader so I pick up a helmet an a spear an pitch in. We spend mosta the day lootin towns an villages along the edge a the Frankish Empire but I still haven't figured out where this thing connects to the commuter rail. What a confusing system! Maybe I can get some directions after we finish burnin Paris.


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