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Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code Secrets Revealed!!!

For those of you wondering "What the hell was going on with Tom Hanks' hair at the Oscars?", well, the secret's out today at your local multiplex.

Scott Kurtz explains why the Church is freaking out in this PVP strip.

Also, a certain Mr. Ebert from Chicago enjoyed the ride without taking any of it seriously:
I know there are people who believe Brown's fantasies about the Holy Grail, the descendants of Jesus, the Knights Templar, Opus Dei and the true story of Mary Magdalene. This has the advantage of distracting them from the theory that the Pentagon was not hit by an airplane.
Me, I just want to eat popcorn in a dark air-conditioned room till I bloat. This could be a reasonable excuse.


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