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Friday, June 25, 2004

At least entertain us!

One of the things one does if one wishes to post somethig in one's blog every weekday (except vacations and holidays, when one avoids computers) is to plan ahead - have a couple of pieces ready to slap up onto the old blog in case a busy day comes around - or even a slow day.

Especially on a weblog such as this, which refuses to take rhetorical potshots at Bush Jr because it is unethical to attack an unarmed opponent.

But one digresses.

In order to get ahead on entries, one was planning to collect the titles of one's junk e-mail and write something snarky about the best few.

A problem with that plan:
All of the junk e-mail had boring,boring titles.

One nearly gave up on the effort, despite the sudden increase of unsolicited e-mail (notice how one has not mentioned the subject of a well-known musical comedy sketch yet), when the final letter of the day crossed ones inbox:

bowling ball necromancers from 6865

No idea what they're pushing, but one would pay a modest sum to see that movie.


Blogger homercat said...

Someone once came to my site searching "hairy naked zombie women". How weird is that? You wanna say let's hang dude.

2:32 AM  

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