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Thursday, June 03, 2004

I've Fallen And I Can't Read!

Light snarkiness today. Much work and some catching up, since I left early to do the vision thing.

So after the Eyeglass Incident, I've had a complete eye exam (they're fine, just nearsighted), and a kinda weird reversal of my vision.

I had to get a dilated eye exam, so they put the drops in, checked me out, and all was well. I wear contacts on occasion, usually for theatrical purposes, so I was led into the contact lens room to try the newest Acuvues. That, combined with the still-dilated eyes - the drops take a couple hours to wear off - left me farsighted.

I was in a shopping mall, and needed to eat, so I went to the sit-down place in the mall and tried to order. Couldn't read! This was alarming, even though it was temporary. Explained the situation to the waiter, then ordered a cheeseburger. I couldn't read the book I had, but I could see the Yankees game on TV just fine, so baseball it was.

Hopefully, I'll look distinguished when I eventually need bifocals.


Blogger homercat said...

That dilation thing is a really weird feeling.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Patrick Connors said...

Actually, weirder than that is the Amnesia Cocktail I was given once. I was conscious and as cooperative as possible during an unpleasant medical procedure, but I have zero memory. One second, I'm being prepped, the next second -bing!- I'm done.

They warn you up-front it's gonna happen, and there is more paperwork than usual to fill out, but it's still very, very eerie.

1:35 PM  

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