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Friday, July 16, 2004

Mr Kerry: What's your position on Ringworld?

I shouldn't borrow from BoingBoing (I should dig up my own dirt, so that others may borrow from me), but this is too good to pass up:

This year's World Science Fiction Convention is in Boston, and accordingly, the URL for the con is By a funny coincidence, the Democratic National Convention is also in Boston, and its URL is The inevitable confusion is quite humorous -- the organisers of the WorldCon have compiled a list of ways in which the WorldCon is unlike the DNC:
# We're not $10 million over budget. We don't even have a $10 million budget.
# Our promises for the future are supposed to be fiction.
# You don't have to donate thousands of dollars to us (though we wouldn't complain)—we'll give you a high-level appointment to work for us for free!
# The media will not outnumber the attendees.
# Thoats and banthas are more interesting animals than donkeys and elephants.
# The folks wandering around with walkie-talkies are likely to be helpful and friendly.
# The slogans on our buttons are actually funny, and many of them are about cats.
# No one will be kissing babies except their immediate families and friends.
# When we talk about "skull and bones" it's probably in a discussion about paleontology.
# When we sling mud, it's probably in a workshop on making alien pottery.

Read the whole list. Come back for updates.


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