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Friday, November 05, 2004

Take Back Your Government: The Manual

(Or: Paging Jim Baen)

Robert A. Heinlein was a politician as well as a science fiction writer.

Based upon his experiences, he wrote Take Back Your Government: A practical handbook for the private citizen who wants democracy to work back in 1947. Baen published it in 1992. I have a copy. Admittedly, a lot of it is based on how politics worked in 1947 - but much of it still applies today - or can be adapted to meet today's politics.

So I looked it up on Amazon. I have my copy; I want to recommend it to those who want to Do Something Before It's Too Late. It's out of print; Amazon has it at collector's prices.

Heinlein is dead. His wife is dead. I don't know who controls the rights or how to get this book distributed. It's published by Baen. Baen Books tries interesting things online, and does them well.

I don't know what obstacles exist, but I for one would buy another copy or the equivalent if this were to be published online.


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