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Friday, March 25, 2005

Go Away, Death. Thank you.

Too many deathwatches in the news these days. I ain't going there. Let's talk about movie credits instead. Yes: movie credits.

It used to be that only the department heads of a movie got credited.
Then, for comedic effect, the following appeared in Airplane!
A Tale of Two Cities written by ........... CHARLES DICKENS
I just looked up those credits on IMDB. That credit isn't listed - IMDB is used extensively in the entertainment industry, so they only include credits for people who worked on a project - but another gem is:
Generally in charge of a lot of things .......... MIKE FINNELL
Then ILM started crediting everybody.

The computer animation companies are doing something cool. Both The Incredibles and Robots, done by two different studios, list the babies born during production. Babies! I think that's cool.


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