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Thursday, July 21, 2005

And as long as I'm being political...

I'd make a lousy President. I might possibly not pass the security screening, for one thing.

This does not stop me from having a Presidential thought from time to time. When I'm near a keyboard, I'll post these ideas here. Permission granted in advance to quote with attribution. Like I could stop anybody. Here's one:

If I were President, I'd immediately rejoin the Kyoto treaty. I would use the power of the Executive to move the Government to be leaders in environmental responsibility. I would re-submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification. Accompanying it would be this thought:

It is an insult to American ingenuity to state that complying with Kyoto would cause irreparable harm to our economy. An insult. Is this not the America that went to the moon in less than a decade? Is this not the America that once led the world in environmental awareness? Are we not the home of MIT and Caltech and Carnegie-Mellon and a thousand other great colleges? Did we not invent the transistor, the integrated circuit, the iPod? Have we forgotten that to grow is to embrace change?

Just sayin'.

Next time, I'll take on overpopulation.


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