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Monday, January 09, 2006

Run, Cow! Mooove it! Run!

Or: Sane Cow Disease

Up in Great Falls, Montana, a cow escaped from the slaughterhouse line last Thursday and evaded authorities for three hours:

As police scrambled to head off the cow on the west side of the river, a veterinarian rushed to the scene to administer tranquilizers.

Reaching the shore, the heifer ran across Bay Drive to the railroad tracks.

She turned north and followed the tracks for a while, eventually becoming cornered at a chain link fence near Central Ave. and Interstate 15.

Breathing heavily and foaming at the mouth, the animal juked an approaching animal control officer and, like a skilled running back, turned on the speed and ran through the perimeter set up by officials.

Now it looks like she'll be spared:

A spirited cow that jumped a slaughterhouse gate and evaded capture for six hours has drawn clemency pleas and may not be doomed after all.

Appeals to spare the life of the 1,200-pound heifer came from across the nation after she fled Mickey's Packing Plant on Thursday. She had several near-death experiences before walking into a makeshift pen and then a stock trailer.

She was nearly struck by road and rail traffic, she almost drowned while crossing the Missouri River and she refused to be subdued by three tranquilizer darts.

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