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Thursday, August 31, 2006

It appears to be some sort of illusion, Captain.

So we're watching a new favorite show of ours, Psych! (Fridays right after Monk on USA. We TiVo, (and I Xerox on Canon machines all the time; I know about trademarks, but TiVo is much easier to say than Personal Video Recorder(1), so just chill) so we just watched it last night. Last night's show took place around a comic-book/sf con, and had George Takei, playing "George Takei".

The character name is in quotes for a reason. George Takei is a sweetheart. I'm a Trekkie and I've met him. Chris is a bigger Trekkie than I am - those who know me well are convinced this is impossible until they meet her. She's met George Takei more than I have. So we both know that the "George" they had on Psych was not the real nice guy who has been at so many real conventions. This "George Takei" was a psych-out. A joke. Chris thought he was doing his Shatner impression. We had a ball.

I know that right now there are angry letters and e-mails on the way to USA Networks and the producers of Psych, railing at them for impugning George Takei. This post isn't one of them. We get the joke. George gets hired for a gig, flown to Vancouver - that's right, kids, Vancouver - and does a day or two shooting. He gets paid; he goes home. He's a pro; the part reads like a bad prima donna, so that's how he plays it.

But seriously guys. We get the joke.

(1) And do NOT get me going about acetylsalicylic acid, which we all know by its former trademark...


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