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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Your Arizona Proposition Cheat Sheet, 2006

Here's how I'm voting on the Arizona ballot propositions this year and why:

101Bailable OffencesNoBail is good
101Tax Limits NoUnnecessary; bad law
102Punitive DamagesNoUnjust
103Official EnglishNoUnnecessary; bigoted
104Bond UsageYesMakes sense
105Trust Lands INo106 is better
106Trust Lands IIYesBetter deal
107Gay MarriageNoUnnecessary; bigoted
200Voter LottoNoInsulting; stupid
201Smoking IYesBest of the two propositions
202Min WageYesGood policy
203Childrens ProgramsYeshowever, it's not real good law
204Farm AnimalNoButt out, PETA
205Vote by MailYesWorks in other states
206Smoking IINoProp 201 is better
207PropertyNoBad law; costly.
300Public Prog. Elig.NoBad law; costly
301MethNoBad law
302Leg. SalaryYesInexpensive

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