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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Operation SANTA

Every year on C-Day, mysterious agents from the North begin a massive infiltration effort. Nobody seems to mind.

From command and control at the North Pole to secret manufacturing facilities in China and Eastern Europe, from the Pacific shipping lanes to the deployment of domestic-access operatives, Santa owns the silent night. With NSA surveillance tech, they see you when you're sleeping, and they know when you're awake. They know when you've been bad or good — thanks to algorithms that make Google look like Pong. You better not shout. You better not cry. Operation Santa is coming to town.

Or so says the December 2007 Wired magazine. Mouse over the graphic for the details. And listen to this NPR interview.

You better not shout. You better not cry. Operation Santa is coming to town.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Vote Early And Often


Today's link is going to help you make your American Presidential election plans, and possibly your post-election plans as well. uses selected polling data to predict the winners in the American Presidential and Senate races.

It's been an accurate predictor in the last several elections. It uses polls which are as neutral as possible, mainly at the state level - remember, here in these enlightened United States, we don't vote directly for President, we vote for electors at the state level - to call Senate races and the Electoral College. You want to see how the numbers are derived? It's on the website. Want to see the raw data? On the website. Want to learn something about how polls are conducted? It's there, too.

On the left side of this site, under the Earth Destruction meter, you can now see icons which reflect the current predictions. (Note: They are still gearing up for '08 - currently you're seeing the previous numbers)

Planning to run for the border if the wrong side wins? Here's the numbers.